"Good to know"

Dos, as he is casually known is an artist from humble beginnings. Starting off doing painting, drawing and sculpting Dos has a real passion for life. His native island Trinidad and Tobago - rich with history, arts and culture has opened up many avenues of artistic expression for him. Furthering his passion for art Dos moved to Florida to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in 3D Animation and Media Arts. After successfully completing his degree he returned to Trinidad to work at a local animation company. After sometime, in true artistic fashion, Dos felt there were aspects of his imagination that were not yet explored. He then decided to expand his creativity by experimenting with photography. After being asked to take up post at a prestigious photography studio Dos grew to realize that his passion for photography was strong. It was through working there that Dos really grasped an understanding of his creativity. Working alongside some of the country's finest photographers, he gained priceless experience. Being constantly guided by his passion for light, Dos then began to capture his own unique style. His next step was natural; having a wealth of creativity and now having accumulated knowledge and experience Dos began work as an independent photographer opening up a studio of his own. Now happily married with four kids, Dos continues to welcome life with postivity and gratitude. With a natural artistic talent and an effortless confidence towards life this photographer truly captures the essence of 'living in the moment'.